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Beleth: Lilithian Princess of Horror

Beleth: Lilithian Princess of Horror

The world is terrifying. It claws at every one of us and forces us into paranoia -- we fight the world and we hide from the world, and in the end the world *always* wins.


I understand fear. I know its taste. I know its cold hunger. I understand what fear can do. I know the shape of it.

And I knew, with the Word of Nightmares dying in my breast and the Malakim of Dreams and the Sword pressing the borders of my part of the vale, just how potent fear could be.

I tried to pretend I didn't care, but I did. I was terrified. Lucifer -- my dear, sweet Lucifer -- was dead. Butchered by a madman with an axe. My Word -- my *Word* -- was following him into death. My most effective Servitors were faltering the same as I? And the Malakim -- the Malakim kept coming and coming and *coming!*

I understand fear. But even then I did not let it rule me. When our new *Queen* came, and offered me stability, power -- and the capacity to turn the Malakim back from my gates -- I didn't lap it up like an abused dog drinking brackish water. I told her what *I* wanted. I told her what *I* needed. And she agreed. I give her my loyalty -- and it is total -- and I give her everything she wants. And I in turn got what I wanted, as well as what I needed. And what that is is not for the ears of one such as *you.*

I hate her. I hate her with all the passion I loved Lucifer. I hate the pathetic, broken *Impudite* she has forced upon me. I hate the Lust demons that die to defend my side of the Marches. I hate the way they *color* the dreams of man, now. I *hate* her.

But she knows I will never -- *ever* betray her.

I am scared of her. And she knows it. And I know it.

And I understand fear.

Go away, or you will learn fear of your own. A fear you can *never* awaken from.


Beleth has been significantly Word promoted, as Nightmares gives way to Horror. Before, she had encompassed Horror through Nightmares, of course, but Horror had always been filtered through the metaphoric power of Nightmares -- through the dark side of dreams. Now, her Word directly connects to fear on every level and in every situation, with Nightmares just one aspect of her scope.

She hates this, passionately. She wants nothing more than to sit in her Tower opposing Blandine in a dance of pain and death and war. To move her operations largely into the Corporeal World is almost a betrayal of everything she joined Lucifer for in the first place.

But she was too frightened of what was happening *without* Lilith. So she agreed to Lilith's terms -- no one knows what the bargain they struck was -- and now she fully accepts Lilith's authority. Beleth may hate Lilith, her allies and her very Word, but she is absolutely loyal to all of them.

Beleth's operations since accepting Lilith's bargain have been mostly devoted to driving the Angels out of her side of the Vale and setting an appropriate guard. To her anger and humiliation, the broken Andrealphus has been set as her ally in this endeavor -- to the point that Beleth has been instructed to grant her Dream Walking attunement (IN p.165) to any Servitor of Lust Andrealphus designates. Further, Lilith has made it clear that she wants Lust to infect the dreams of mortals as well... and Beleth has noticed more and more Lustful dreams are ending up on *her* side of the Vale, now, where before they were always Blandine's to 'enjoy.' Otherwise, she has begun to extend herself into the World, careful not to step on the desperate Luciferian attempts to bolster the dying Luciferian Words. One area she was quick to grab dominion over was Terror -- she petitioned Lilith to grant that subordinate word to Secrya, one of her Habbalah, firmly placing Terror under Beleth's control. From there, Beleth sponsored one of her strongest Calabim -- Presharth -- as the new Lilithian Demon of Terrorism, subordinate to Secrya who herself is subordinate to Beleth. In this way, Beleth has *firmly* taken hold of a very corporal Horror -- and set herself in opposition to Baal, whose Luciferian Word had been directly fueled by Terrorism for a long time.

Servitors of Terror find themselves in two camps, mostly. Those former Nightmares Servitors who survived (and didn't defect) have found themselves rewarded and given great focus in the Marches -- though forced to work with *Andrealphans,* which they despise -- while most of the demons who defect from Luciferian Princes -- especially Belialites, Nybbites, Baalites and Death Servitors -- are being made into Beleth's Corporeal force. There is a certain amount of friction between the two camps.



Nowhere is the difference between the Luciferian Princess of Nightmares and the Lilithian Princess of Horror more apparent than in Beleth's dissonance conditions. Where once Beleth's Servitors gained Dissonance by assuming celestial form on Earth (in echo of Blandine's own dissonance conditions), now they are prohibited from ever providing human beings relief from fear. Even when forced to withdraw, Belethians are enjoined to make certain human beings know it's just for a short time -- that there is no escape from fear. The only exception is when Beleth's servitors are lulling a human into a false sense of security, only to then tear that security away from them -- an effective but dangerous ploy, since if their project is interrupted the Horror demon will become dissonant.


BALSERAPHS (Restricted): The Liars of Horror are used to spread fear without reason. Their resonance is unchanged from the original. (IN Core Rules p.164)

DJINN (Restricted): Beleth's Djinn are still tasked with physically terrorizing or stalking people, but their methods have changed. While some still use Dream Walking to terrorize them in dreams, their resonance now allows them to sense what steps their attuned have taken to protect themselves from the Djinn or other stalkers and intruders. The Djinn will know if their target has their locks or phone numbers changed, if they have friends staying with them, a cell phone with 911 speed dialed -- anything. Of course, they don't instantly know how to defeat these preventative measures.

CALABIM: Sadists all, Beleth's Calabim receive the same attunement they always have. (IN Core Rules p.165)

HABBALAH (restricted): Beleth's Habbalah are her vanguard in the war against courage, be that the courage to stand up to impossible odds, or the courage to hold to one's hope or beliefs in the face of despair. When confronted with someone who (in the GM's opinion) is acting bravely in the situation, Beleth's Habbalah get a bonus to their resonance rolls equal to their celestial forces in inflicing Cowardice to replace it. For a number of hours equal to the resonance roll's check digit, the new Coward will do everything in his power to flee the situation he was acting so bravely in before -- be that physical flight, emotional withdrawal, or even attacking his allies. The target may not even make Will rolls to stand his ground. If cornered and forced to fight, the target will suffer a penalty equal to the check digit on all rolls due to his utter lack of focus and overwhelming desire to escape. This is a powerful attunement, but comes with a powerful drawback -- if a Habbalite's Cowardice attempt backfires (as per IN Core Rules p.147), he suffers the same as if Emptiness backfired instead of Cowardice -- as with Emptiness, this is automatically dissonant and suffers all the same effects as any other Emptiness backfires. The target's courage and the Habbalite's projection of fear have canceled each other out, leaving the Habbalite with nothing.

LILIM (restricted): Lilim of Horror receive the same Lilim attunement as before. (IN Core Rules p.165)

SHEDIM (partially restricted): The Corruptors of Horror are among Beleth's most subtle agents. Rather than inflict fear upon their hosts, they literally turn their hosts into spreaders of horror. Shedim of Horror may, with a Perception roll resisted by their target's Will roll, see what phobias and fears the target has (using the check digit as a guide to what fears the Shedite learns). If the target resists with his Will roll, the Shedite is blocked from seeing any person's fears for a number of hours equal to the Will roll's check digit. If the Shedite is in a host when he makes that roll, and he makes the host do something related to the target's fear (the host cannot *be* the target for this to work -- so possessing a host scared of heights and making him walk a tightrope doesn't count), he gets a bonus equal to the perception roll's check digit in the Contest of Wills, *and* that day doesn't count towards the host's later Perception roll bonuses to detect the Shedite. The Shedite only gets that Perception roll benefit once a day, no matter how many times he makes his host do something terrifying to another. Other servitors of Beleth given this attunement get the ability to perceive their targets' fear, but get none of the other bonuses.

IMPUDITES (restricted): Impudites can charm their targets as normal, both to charm them and to charm Essence out of them. However, they can also choose to *terrify* their targets with their resonance. The mechanic works the same, but instead of thinking of the Impudite as their trusted friend, they're actively scared of the Impudite and will be inclined to do whatever it takes to keep the Impudite happy. Stealing Essence by this method is such an intensely frightening experience that the victim literally throws his Essence to the Impudite in blind terror.


Unchanged at this time.


Knight of Gooseflesh: Beleth's Knight can cause any enemy in the area to shiver -- the hair raising on the back of their necks -- as a sense of foreboding fills them. Hidden enemies at least three Forces less than the Knight must make a Will roll or visibly shudder. If the enemy is hidden from sight and fails that Will roll, the Knight gets the failed Will roll's check digit as a bonus to a perception roll to see them.

Captain of the Shocking Surprise: Beleth's Captains feed off the Horror movie cliche of the villain suddenly appearing in a shocking moment. In any tense situation where the Captain's enemy or victim doesn't know where the Captain is, the Captain gets a bonus to his Move Silently roll equal to his total Forces. If he gets close enough to attack, but instead chooses to surprise his foe, the foe must make a Will roll or spend a number of rounds equal to the check digit helplessly screaming in terror while the Captain does what he will. Most Captains like to get right behind their foe, thein use their Knight of Gooseflesh ability to heighten and trigger the surprise. There is no bonus for doing so, however.

Baron of the Hour of the Wolf: In perhaps the most obvious break from the old Nightmares way of doing things, Beleth's Barons may, with a successful Will roll, engulf a person trying to fall asleep with their thoughts, fears and regrets, making it impossible for them to fall asleep for at least two hours plus a number of hours equal to the Will roll's check digit. They may use this ability more than once on the same target -- sometimes hounding a target for weeks, keeping them without sleep during all that time and fixating their thoughts on their fears and regrets.


As with all Lilithian Princes, Beleth's relations with the Luciferian Princes have all been worsened by one step. As she was only associated with Asmodeus and Malphas on that list, they are now neutral in her estimation. As she was hostile with all other Luciferian Princes, they are all now considered enemies by Beleth. Naturally, with the "one-step worsening," Baal would already consider Beleth an enemy, but her active efforts to subvert the Essence and Word bolstering of Terrorism -- one of the War's most effective techniques -- would make their blood feud intense even without that.

On the Lilithian side, Beleth is frustrated because she is being forced into a more political situation than she's traditionally enjoyed. She finds herself needing to work with her fellow Princes even when she would prefer to sit alone in her Tower and stew. As a result, there are several Lilithian Princes she's merely Neutral to instead of Hostile to. Still, despite being ordered to work with Andrealphus and to grant her Dream Walking attunement to Andrealphans at his discretion, Beleth loathes the Slave Impudite and would do anything she could to undermine him. Of course, as he's Lilith's special pet, that doesn't mean much, just yet....

Allied: No one. (Furfur considers himself allied with Beleth)
Associated: Furfur, Kronos (Kronos considers himself associated with Beleth)
Hostile: Andrealphus (Andrealphus is hostile to Beleth)


* Traumatize a child (+2 Essence if the Trauma will give them nightmares. +3 if it will psychologically unbalance them. GM's discretion on bonus Essence)
* Frighten a group of at least 30 people, or panic a group of at least 10.


+1 A horror novel
+2 A theater showing a horror movie with at least 5 people in the audience
+3 A mob of at least 20 truly frightened people
+4 At least ten people confronting their phobias in a panic
+5 Ground zero of a terrorism attack within an hour of the attack
+6 Ground zero of an event that terrifies an entire nation for weeks.
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