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Lilith 2 Prologue Adventure Seeds


These seeds take place after the events in -- you'll probably want to read that first before going on to look at these seeds. Or not. Who am I to judge?

THE DIRTY HALF-DOZEN: Nybbas, Luciferian Prince of the Media, has been tasked with getting a group of servitors into the Far Marches, in order to contact his allies among the August Coprosperity Collective. However, in order to reach the Oriental pantheon, he needs to send Servitors through the Vale -- and the Vale is currently war torn, with active and hot battles taking place between Blandine and Laurence's forces on one side and Beleth and Andrealphus's on the other. Any of these sides would gladly capture or kill the Luciferian party. Even if they make it into the Far Marches, most Hellsworn Ethereals serve Beleth -- and therefore the Lilithian cause. And, of course, there are always the Tsaydim....

PCs can make up the team sent in -- these should be a mixed group from the Media, Dark Humor, the War, the Game, Death, Fire and Factions. (Drugs and Greed are also permitted), with at least one Media Servitor included, as well as at least one Lilim (to seal the deal). They must reach Nybbas's allies, and once there negotiate with the faction to literally arrange terrorist assaults on Hell itself. Naturally, this will be very expensive -- at the *very* least the faction will want a number of Ethereal Tethers currently restricted by Hell to be opened. All these characters must have the appropriate Songs of Dreams or (with justification) the Dream Walking attunement.

PCs can also be one of the assault teams paying the Ethereals' price. There may be any number of missions they are undertaking on the Ethereals' behalf, in order to convince them to launch their attack or live up to their end of the bargain.

PCs can also be either a group of angels or demons fighting the war of the Vale -- if angels, the group should be divided between Servitors of Dreams and the Sword, and should be cooperating moderately well. If demons, the group should be divided between Servitors of Horror and of Lust, and there should be tension between them. For extra fun, a mixed group of angels and demons -- fighting tooth and nail -- can discover the Luciferian incursion together -- will the demons hang together against the angels? Or will angels and demons pledged to each others' destruction unite to drive this third, unstable presence from the Marches?

Finally, PCs can play appropriate Ethereals, tasked by the August Coprosperity Collective to literally infiltrate Lilithian Hell, ingratiate themselves alongside the true tributary Fae being paid to Hell, and beginning a process of systemic terrorism on behalf of the Luciferians. This is highly risky, but also an opportunity to see the Shal Mari of the Queen of Hell firsthand.

QUEEN TO BISHOP'S ROOK TWO: Staciel, Luciferian Demon of Intrigue and Lilim Countess of the Game, is crossing the river Styx -- that is, she is crossing over to the Lilithian side. She is actually being sent by Asmodeus himself. However, no one outside the Luciferian Council of Loyalist Princes knows this....

PCs can be Servitors of the Game, the War or Dark Humor, tasked with helping Staciel make it into Shal Mari so she can claim asylum. However, this has to look authentic, so Luciferians (particularly others of the Game) will be opposing them every step of the way. On the other side, there's no guarantee that the Lilithians will believe Staciel when she claims to be Crossing the River Styx.

PCs can also be Luciferian demons who don't know Staciel is under orders... and so she and her guards are apparently going renegade. (And, of course, Staciel has never been the most popular of demons -- a chance to get vengeance on the Spymistress of Hell and the head of the secret police might be worth making a mistake....)

Finally, PCs can be Lilithians who must decide if Staciel represents an honest defection -- and therefore a tremendous reward for delivering her alive and intact -- or if she is lying (and of course, destroying a Luciferian lieutenant is another route to power and glory.)
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